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Why Zhenjiang Hongda Bakery Products Sealing Series?
Dec 06, 2018

Baking industry is the world's largest consumer group of bag sealing series, zhenjiang hongda professional commitment to a variety of bag sealing series of products for more than 20 years, the company's silk sealing series, sealing plastic clip series and paper bag sealing strip series to solve the baking products plastic bag sealing and paper bag sealing problems.

Twist ties sealing has PET aluminized film twist tie series and paper twist tie series

PET aluminum  film coated twist tie, such as gold, silver, white, red and a series of colors, make baking products packaging more dazzling.PET aluminum  film coated twist tie is an ideal choice for baking and food industry.


4MM wide colorful paper binding wire is mainly used in the food industry such as baking food, candy, nuts and dried fruits, pastry and other decorative products, a variety of colors, greatly increased the beauty of the product.We usually use the "Especially for you" for printing different colors.We can also according to the customer plate printing.


Plastic clips sealing series can be wound into a coil supporting the use of the machine, the biggest advantage of this series of products is safety, environmental protection, no pollution, no chip, no fading.Greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs.

Plastic clips Sealing clip is a clip used for sealing plastic bags, such as usually packing sliced bread and so on.It protects the bread fresh and provides a simple way to reuse the bag without spilling it.And closed bags protect the smell, texture and taste of freshly baked goods, thus enhancing the image of the product.


Paper article sealing is compact and beautiful appearance, and paper bag mouth stick into an organic whole, green pollution-free products, accord with GB13113-91 national standard food packaging test requirements, also accord with the eu RoHS directive test: the sealing of the manufacturing cost is low, and can be used repeatedly, greatly save the resources, is easy to be popularized to the masses of users to use, especially suitable for bread bag and family to use all kinds of paper bag.The design of the utility model conforms to the future development trend, conforms to the national environmental protection standard, and is the first choice to replace the plastic self-sealing bag.


Why zhenjiang hongda bakery products sealing series?Because we are professional and focus on detail quality, a good sales team will provide you with more suitable sealing scheme, welcome to inquire!


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