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What Do Colorful Bread Twist Tie Mean?–TWIST-HD
Aug 07, 2018

What do Colorful Bread Twist Tie mean?     

     When we go to bakery, we always find that many bread twisted with different colors. Even if they are in same price or same kind. Sometimes, we maybe confused which one should I buy? So, what do these colored Bread Twist Tie mean? As a result, some people may ask do they means the date when did these bread baked? 

     Yes. Thats right, these metal bread twist ties are telling you which day of the week bread was baked on. But, which color should we choose? Furthermore, what does each color mean?

     The color code are as follows: Monday blue, Tuesday green, Thursday red, Friday white and Saturday yellow. In this case, you may asked how about Wednesday and Sunday? Which color for these days? Whether Wednesday and Sunday not work? If not, are there some other reasons? Yes. That 's right. Wednesdays and Sundays are bread-man's days off. And this is why we usually only find five colors in the bakery due to above reason.

colorful twist tie.jpg

       Above all, when we know these code, we can choose the fresh one easily. Whats more, the owner can also finishing shelves easily as well. 

Where to bulk buy Bread Twist Tie?

       By the way, do you know where to bulk buy Bread Twist Tie? Just find us. Why? Because Zhenjiang HD Twist Tiea leading Twist Tie Manufacturer in China which has over 20 years experience in this field.

       First of all, we can produce high quality and reasonable price Twist Ties due to our experience.

       In addition, we have selected from hundreds of materials to make sure the high quality. What's more, we have 4000m2 workshop and 16 production lines. Therefore, we can make various kinds of Twist Tie within 15days due to our lines. 

       Furthermore, if you want to make custom Twist Tie, also contact us! We can make OEM and Custom Twist Tie in a short time as well.

       Last but not least, we are a Twist Tie factory in China, so we can provide a reasonable Price as a result.

       Above all, do not hesitate, just contact us to get new price!

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