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From Rainbow To Twist Ties
Sep 18, 2018

As we all know, rainbow is a natural phenomenon: rainbow, in fact, as long as there are water droplets in the air, and the sun is shining at a low angle behind the observer, it may produce a rainbow phenomenon that can be observed. The rainbow is most often in the afternoon, just after the rain. When the weather is fine, there is little dust in the air and it is filled with small water droplets. The side of the sky is dark because there are still rain clouds. The observers have no clouds on the head or the back to see the sunlight, so the rainbow will be easier to be seen. Another place where rainbows are often seen is near the waterfall. Artificial clouds can also be created by spraying water or spraying mist on the sun in sunny weather.


So, what is the relationship between rainbow and Twist ties? Yes, Hongda’s Twist ties can be made into a rainbow colors!



Red ,orange ,yellow ,green ,cyan, blue, purple, Hongda can make it ! We call them gang plastic twist ties, this material is PE plastic, of course, its material can be paper or PET, or , tell me the material you want, we will try our best to meet your requirements!


So the question is, where is the rainbow twist ties used?

Commonly used, it is used to seal the garbage bag. As you know, the garbage bag can be made into different colors. Of course, the matching twist ties also can be made by  different colors. You can even choose the color of the twist tie according to your mood. Like me, my favorite color is purple, so, no matter what color of garbage bag, I will choose purple silk to seal, is it amazing?


In fact, from the point of view of use, workers can distinguish the type of garbage according to the different colors of the twist ties, such as paper packaging, plastic, recycling, non-circulation and so on. This makes it easy to work and also protects the environment.


In fact, it is not only the using of garbage bag sealing, but when it is made of paper or PET, it can be used in the baking industry, vegetable packaging on the farm, especially organic vegetables!


From twist ties to the rainbow, haw-haw, Hongda’s twist ties give us unlimited imagination!

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    Add:No.155 Zhenrong Road, Dantu Dist, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu P.R. China

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